What happens if I cannot find a product I want on the website? 

We can easily source a range of additional products for you.  If you have seen a balloon you would like please email me a photo and I can source it for you.  We can generally get most stock within 24 hours.

How long will my helium balloons last for? 

A normal helium balloon will float for 12-15 hours, during this time the balloons will get smaller so we recommend that you pick up the balloons as close as possible to your function. 

Can I make my helium balloon last longer?

For a small charge, we can make your helium balloons last longer. We can put a balloon sealer inside your helium balloon. This will allow your balloons to last about 3 days, depending on the environment they are kept in. 

Can i have the balloons delivered? 

At Beaches Balloons, we can deliver your balloons to your house or function venue. We deliver 7 days a week and can also deliver early. 

What is the effect of helium balloons on the environment? 

Latex helium balloons are bio-degradable. Latex is 100% natural substance that breaks down in both sunlight and water. Oxidation, when balloons change colour, is one of the first signs of the process. This process begins almost immediately after a balloon is manufactured. Sunlight will quicken this process. 

Is it safe to suck the helium from balloons? 

Absolutely not. Evidence shows that inhaling helium can be fatal. The inhalation of helium cuts off a person's supply of oxygen and can cause dizziness, unconsciousness and ultimately death.